Marfy dress 6194 in black and red linen / Robe Marfy 6194 en lin noir et rouge

Marfy dress 6194 in designer black linen from Fabric Mart / Robe Marfy 6194 en lin noir

Hi everybody (version en français à venir dans les prochains jours, je suis trop occupée les amis!),

Are you ready for not one, but two new dresses? I've been busy lately sewing Marfy dress pattern 6194 in black and red linen, with the monthly fabric allowance I receive from Fabric Mart. I'm quite happy with the outcome of this project and it's always special to sew a Marfy pattern. Please follow this link to FM's blog, Made by a Fabricista, to see both dresses!

Marfy dress pattern F6194


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