Blue silk taffeta Eva Dress vintage evening gown 1956 / Robe du soir vintage 1956 en taffeta de soie bleu (Eva Dress)!


Hi everybody! Today I want to document an evening gown I made a while ago for a special occasion but never had the time to photograph - blame it on the long canadian winters when you cannot take outdoor pictures and my hectic life of the past year. I actually wore this dress for 2 distinct events already, one for singing on a corporate event for a big company, the other for a jazz show with tickets in a venue.

The pattern

I took this pattern at Eva Dress - it is originally a McCall's pattern from 1956. It is my 2nd time making this pattern - I first made it a couple of years ago, in black peau de soie (a gorgeous, gorgeous fabric), but I wore that dress so many times for different events that I grew tired of it and felt my audience needed to see something new! 

This is me singing with my band Blue Gardenia in my first black dress made from this pattern

* By the way, my band Blue Gardenia (swing jazz with a vintage look) can perform anywhere in the world for your corporate event: if you have the budget we're happy to perform for you! :-)

This is the pattern illustration - originally a McCall's 1956 evening dress + coat

I find that set of the gown + the coat totally gorgeous! I have yet to made the coat...

I was inspired to make the dress a 2nd time in blue after that illustration and when I stumbled on a great blue silk taffeta at Marcy Tilton (I think it was called Pacific blue or something like that) I jumped on it and bought 4 or 5 yards of it.

Pattern modifications + other details

I sewed a size 14 (vintage sizing, 34-26-36) which are quite close to my measurements. The pattern fit me well out of the enveloppe, if not for small modifications. 

First, I'd like to warn you about the length; I had to add 5/8'' to the hem to wear the dress with high heels, otherwise it would have been too short (I'm 5'5'' of 1.65 m). The dress is also very fitted, I had to let out a bit at the hips, especially with silk taffeta that has zero give.

The pattern provides a lining for the dress, but it is only half lined (the bodice portion). Personally I think it looks much better lined all the way, so I just took the dress pattern pieces for the lining.

As you can see, I added straps to the gown. This is 'cause I didn't apply boning in all the places it is required (I applied the boning only on the sides) and didn't put in the waist stay. The boning and the waist stay restrict me too much when I sing, so I had to come up with a solution to have the dress stay in place when I sing and not have to readjust the bodice constantly. As much as I love the strapless look, I think it looks quite good with straps too...

That back flounce is just so glamorous!

Of course making such a dress takes a bit of time, but it is not difficult. The bodice looks complicated but it is not hard to make, in fact I found it incredibly fun to do!

The back with the big flounce is incredible and the bias underbust band with the ribbon are just cute, exquisite vintage details.

I'm so glad we have places like Eva Dress to go for vintage patterns. I hope to make another gown soon as I have more events coming.

Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate if you have questions or comments on that gown!



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