StyleArc Dotty Blouse in floral silk print / StyleArc Dotty Blouse en soie fleurie

StyleArc Dotty Blouse

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you are well and are enjoying a couple of days off during the Holidays! I am off today after a very busy month of December, and since my '20 dresses project' is finally completed I'm taking some time for myself and I'm enjoying sharing with you one of my recent makes, the beautiful Dotty Blouse by StyleArc.

It's been a long time since a pattern has lifted my spirits like this one; the precise pattern drafting by StyleArc, the finished product which is very much like what I would buy  in RTW (read the current design, minus the price), the fit, all of that made sewing the Dotty Blouse a very enjoyable and satisfying project.

It's a shame I waited this long to make the Dotty. I've been wanting to make it since its release and I was drooling over some very pretty versions on the internet, but even with designs I really love patterns can marinate for a long time in my stash before I tackle them, for all sorts of reasons.

StyleArc Dotty Blouse

I chose not to press the front opening all the way as I love how it forms soft folds


I had bought this fabric last year at EmmaOneSock specifically with the Dotty Blouse in mind. It's a beautiful silk crepe de chine from JCrew, with tiny ecru flowers on a dark navy background - I love it. I was searching for something that would give a refined boho look to the blouse, and this silk was just what I had in mind. By the way, if this is useful to you, I was able to place all the pattern pieces (size 6) in just 2 yards of 45'' fabric.

Sizing and fit alterations:

As usual with StyleArc I order the size 6, even if my measurements put me between 6 and 8.  When I first started sewing with SA patterns I was ordering size 8 (those patterns are single size), but I found I have less fit alterations to do with the 6.

Even on a size 6, I found that the sleeves on the Dotty Blouse are extra long. I had previously made another version with the cuffs (unfortunately I ripped the back while carrying music gear), and on that one I had shortened the sleeves by 2'' - that is quite a lot. On the version above I let the sleeve length as is as I didn't want to use the cuffs, I intended to wear the sleeves rolled for a relaxed look.

I also found that the back bottom is on the narrow side. I added somewhere between 1/8'' and 1/4'' to the sides (starting at the notch, all the way down) to make sure the blouse wouldn't cling or bunch.

StyleArc recommends adding a small press stud to secure the front opening; you could do that, or not do that for a sexier look, or choose to wear a cami underneath. On the pictures I just let the front as is with no closure.


I'm glad I made a muslin for this blouse, as I made stupid mistakes like marking the two neckline pleats on the same side of the fabric. The front of the blouse is one big piece that you fold in two, so you have to mark the right pleat on one side of the fabric, and the left pleat on the other side. At first I also scratched my head on which way to fold the bottom front and enclose it in the side seams.

The muslin was also the occasion to choose a technique to finish the back yoke. As everybody mentions, StyleArc provides a basic written order of construction, but doesn't specifically says how to finish the back yoke. As many reviewers did, I used the 'burrito method'; basically the shoulder seams and the back neckline seam are enclosed in the two layers of the yoke. One day if I find the time I might do a tutorial for that.

I don't remember what StyleArc says, but I finished the back hem prior to assemble the side seams. I used a Microtex Schmetz needle size 70 and Coats and Clarks fine thread (weight 60) to make a beautiful narrow hem.

Note: on the paper version of the size 6 there is a notch missing on one armhole of the giant front piece.

View of the shoulder seam and the back neckline

View of the back hem (inside) - probably the narrowest of my sewing career, at barely over 1/8''

French seam for the sleeves as the inside shows when you roll your sleeves

I'm wearing the Dotty Blouse with black cotton velveteen jeans I made after a pair of my favorite jeans

I envision more versions of the Dotty Blouse as I have cute fabrics in my stash that would be perfect for it. This is currently one of my favorite patterns... I feel it's very 'me' and it fills a gap in my wardrobe.

Have you made that pattern, do you like it or is it in your sewing queue? Feel free to share your thoughts about it, and meanwhile I hope you are having a great time during the Holidays and that you are taking some time for yourself for fun sewing projects!


  1. I haven’t made this pattern but really like the style of this wrap over loose blouse and put it in my queue to sew someday soon.

    You look fabulous in it! Choosing silk was a great idea as it drapes well.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments! It's a great wrap blouse pattern indeed, so well drafted.

  2. This blouse is just so lovely on you - I love it! I am like you in that patterns or designs marinate for a long time until I finally get to make them. That's ok though!

  3. I LOVE IT ! this blouse is juste perfect. ;) robes de mariée bordeaux Lucie Carré


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