7 pattern ideas for wool jersey garments you can wear all year round

Hi everybody,

It's no secret I love fabric and I love to write about fabric, so when online fabric store Tissura offered a collaboration I didn't hesitate and said yes!

Whether you live in the northern hemisphere and summer is approaching or you live in the southern hemisphere and winter is not far away, wool garments can have a place in your wardrobe all year round. Today I'm going to chat a little bit about wool jersey, and share with you some ideas of patterns that can be made up in that fabric and that you'll find practical and comfortable, and that can be worn as everyday or transitional pieces.

Merino wool jersey

Wool jersey is a fabric I love to sew with, and especially merino wool jersey when I'm lucky enough to find some. The garments I made with wool jersey include wrap dresses, maxi skirts, cardigans of course, as well as tops and sweaters.

But what exactly is merino wool and why is it so nice? According to Icebreaker.com, merino wool comes from Merino sheep, one of the most ancient and toughest breed in the world.  

Those sheep are built to survive the scorching summers and freezing winters of New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps range. Super lightweight and breathable, the merino’s summer coat keeps cool in temperatures of up to +30°C. In winter, the merino grows an extra layer of wool over their base coat to protect them against temperatures that plummet to -10°C. 

No wonder why merino wool jersey offers so much comfort and makes high quality garments!

Tissura's online fabric store has a great selection of wool fabric, and I was particularly interested by their wool jersey offerings. They have high quality wool jerseys, and if you look at their origin you'll see they come from some top manufacturers like Mario Boselli (Italy), etc.

This premium merino wool jersey from Mario Boselli is so totally yummy!

7 pattern ideas for wool jersey

Now let me share with you some pattern ideas to incorporate wool jersey in your wardrobe:

1- A maxi skirt: 

StyleArc's Imogen maxi skirt is a favorite of mine, a great choice for wool jersey and you can even wear it during summertime if you choose a bright colour!

I made the Imogen maxi skirt in this gorgeous wool jersey some time ago

That salmon merino wool jersey (Guigou, France) would be a great choice for that maxi!

2- A knit dress: 

StyleArc just released the Talulah knit dress that would be perfect in wool jersey, and perfect as a casual piece. Add a cardi over it and you're good to go!

StyleArc Talulah knit dress

The Talulah knit dress would look just great in a grey merino wool jersey!

3- A cardigan: 

Helen's Closet Blackwood cardigan is a natural choice for wool jersey, and talk about a garment you can wear during winter as well as summer on a chilly evening!

Helen's Closet Blackwood cardigan

This on trend ballet pink wool jersey would make a great cardi, as well as so many things... a top, a wrap dress, a cardigan, you name it!

4- A moto sweatshirt: 

Seamly just released this moto sweatshirt pattern, which would be great in a thick wool jersey. That's the kind of sweatshirt/jacket I reach for on a fall/spring/summer chilly evening!

Moto sweatshirt by Seamly

The Seamly moto sweatshirt would really pop in this heavy cobalt blue wool jersey!

5- A hoodie: 

The Halifax hoodie by Hey June is a pattern with plenty of options and you could play with contrasting wool jersey colours, or use a double faced wool jersey. It's on my bucket list!

All the options of the Halifax Hoodie by Hey June patterns

6- A simple top as a layering piece: 

I made the Briar T by Megan Nielsen in merino wool jersey last summer and it's super practical as a layering piece over a shirt or another top.

My black merino wool jersey Briar T
7- A popover top: 

Seamly just released this popover jersey top as part of their spring collection. A great choice for wool jersey in my opinion!

Jersey popover by Seamly

As you can see, possibilities are endless and it's easy to find ideas to incorporate wool jersey in our wardrobes. Writing this article has made me think that I need more wool in my wardrobe! How about you, are you a fan of wool jersey?


  1. So far every Merino wool I've worn has made me crazy itchy - is there something to look for in the fabric besides Merino that would reduce this problem. I love Merino wool but haven't found a way to use it unless it's in a garment that absolutely will not touch my skin!

    1. Hi Kathleen, I don't really know what would be a solution besides as you say make a garment that is an outer shell and doesn't touch your skin. Personally I've had positive experiences with merino wool, including RTW merino sweaters that are exquisitely soft, so...


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