Tissura: an online fabric store for high end and luxury fabrics

How beautiful is that? Metal embroidered grey chantilly lace from Tissura

Hi everybody,

It's no secret I love high end, designer fabric, and thanks to the internet the home sewist now has access to the most beautiful fabrics from around the world, literally.

Just when I thought I knew all the most interesting online fabric stores, I got intrigued by Tissura Luxury and Exclusive Fabrics, a new to me place to shop online.

Tissura, an online fabric store

From what I understand, the website is related to their brick and mortar store in Hong Kong, but they also have a store in Moscow, Russia. Tissura specializes in high end, couture fabrics, trimmings and accessories, and some of their fabrics are used in couture and designer creations.

From time to time I'm sollicitated by websites who offer to advertise on my blog, but I decline most of the time 'cause I feel that the products won't reflect the quality I aim at on Jazz Couture, or that it would not be interesting enough for my readers. When I was approched by Tissura I first got intrigued by their website, and some browsing convinced me that this is an online store that carefully selects only the best fabrics coming from the best manufacturers in the world (Swiss, France, Italy, Great Britain, etc.). They carry brands like Liberty, Albini, Solstiss and others that are new to me like Jakob Schlaepfer - his fabrics are really striking!

Great fabric choice

Tissura have an incredible choice of high end, luxurious fabrics, ranging from simple cottons and linens of the absolute best quality to the most outstanding embroidered silks or the most ravishing laces!

Of course I was most interested in their fabrics for womenswear, but you can also shop for men as there is a section for them with a great choice of shirtings, suitings, wools, etc.

From what I can see online, Tissura seems to be the place where you can find your dream fabric for a special event like a wedding, a big corporate event, a prom night, etc. The prices are not cheap but the fabrics are of the best quality, and they ship worldwide.

If you are looking for fabric for more casual garments, the choice is there too, with impeccable quality fabric coming from France, Switzerland, Italy, etc. I love their selection of cottons as well as their cotton blends.

A beautiful poplin print that caught my eye (Italy)

Silk, lace and evening wear fabric

A beautiful silk crepe de chine roses print

Silk has always been one of my favorite type of fabric, and I'm glad there is now the internet 'cause I cannot shop for silk fabric locally, the offer is almost non existant. When I shop online I'm always interested in the silk section 'cause I like all types of silks: chiffon, charmeuse, silk jersey, crepe de chine, silk taffeta, duchess silk, etc., and I use them for all types of projects. At Tissura the choice of silks is awesome, they have many, many great prints, as well as a good selection of solids. It's certainly a good place to look at if you envision an evening gown project! I also see some chiffon (sheers are a big trend this summer!) and crepe de chine prints that would be great for silk tops (love silk tops!).

If you have lace in mind, they have a great choice of laces in a vast array of colours.  Of course lace is always a great choice for a special evening gown or a wedding dress, but I also like to use it as an accent, like an insertion on a dress or a top. You can do a search by colour, pattern, country of origin, type of lace, like Chantilly lace, corded lace, guipure, silk or cotton lace, etc., the choice is yours!

Cotton guipure lace (origin Austria)

Beautiful pattern on this cotton lace from Japan

Now, if you want to be blown away, there are the really, really, expensive fabrics. I love the look of the matte sequins on this chiffon by Jakob Schlaepfer @ 1149$ per meter (a girl can dream!):

I was also intrigued by the technology behind this sequined tulle (@ 815$ per meter) 'cause no matter how you cut the fabric the sequins do not fall off and stay in place: how cool is that?

Sequined tulle by Jakob Schlaepfer

If you're interested in sequined fabrics, definitely check the fabrics from Jakob Schlaepfer, an innovative Swiss manufacturer - his fabrics are beautiful and interesting. I really dig his silk prints too!

Silk crepe de chine by Jakob Schlaepfer


For more affordable options or is your lifestyle is more casual, the cotton page has plenty of options. Some great prints can be found there too, as well as solids of all kinds, batiste, jersey, shirtings, poplins, etc. Personally I would love this beautiful cotton jersey from Switzerland!

Cotton jersey from Switzerland in a beautiful shade of blue

Or I'd use a cute embroidered cotton like this for a summer top or dress:

Embroidered cotton from Italy

Ordering and shipping

There doesn't seem to be a minimum quantity when you order fabric, I simulated placing fabric in my cart and I was able to order any quantity with no minimum, which is very practical when you order expensive fabric.  They also ship worldwide.

Tissura competes with all the best online fabric stores in the world in terms of quality. If I was visiting Hong Kong I would certainly like to walk in their brick and mortar fabric store and see their fabrics 'in person', but meanwhile there is the online store!

This article reflects my own opinion about the online fabric store Tissura and has not been influenced in any way. Hope you liked reading about it - me I'm glad to know about this online fabric source!

Have a great week and happy sewing!


  1. I'm sure these are gorgeous fabrics and you could make some beautiful things with them, but my goodness the prices are eye watering - I thought they were expensive before I even realised it was US$ and not HK$!! If you ever do come to HK please let me know !

    1. Hi Allison, sure if I ever go to HK I will let you know! I think at Tissura they specialize in couture and luxury fabrics, so yes indeed the prices are for people with deep pockets! I'd be curious though to see the brick and mortar store, if I ever visit HK we could go and see for ourselves! :-)

  2. I hope you can see what I originally wrote in English because the translation I am seeing is terrible, sorry!!!

    1. Allison, I see your comment in english, not translated, so don't worry it is perfectly written!

  3. I don't think I will ever be able to purchase these wonderful fabrics but I am happy to know about Tissura. I am always happy to know there is another source out there for sewing. Thanks for the eye candy!

    1. Yes I'm glad to know it's there, I would love to try their fabrics, but eye candy for me too!


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