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StyleArc Dotty Blouse in floral silk print / StyleArc Dotty Blouse en soie fleurie

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope you are well and are enjoying a couple of days off during the Holidays! I am off today after a very busy month of December, and since my '20 dresses project' is finally completed I'm taking some time for myself and I'm enjoying sharing with you one of my recent makes, the beautiful Dotty Blouse by StyleArc.

It's been a long time since a pattern has lifted my spirits like this one; the precise pattern drafting by StyleArc, the finished product which is very much like what I would buy  in RTW (read the current design, minus the price), the fit, all of that made sewing the Dotty Blouse a very enjoyable and satisfying project.

It's a shame I waited this long to make the Dotty. I've been wanting to make it since its release and I was drooling over some very pretty versions on the internet, but even with designs I really love patterns can marinate for a long time in my stash before I tackle them, for all sorts of reasons.


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