Raspberry jeans + giveaway!

So here are the pictures of the jeans I made recently, after a pair of low waist, baby bootcut jeans I ripped apart and copied.

If you've missed the first post about it with detailed shots, it's here.

The only alteration I made was to slightly enlarge the leg opening. On the original jean, the opening has a 15 1/2'' circumference, while on this version it's 17'' wide.

The fabric is an italian denim that stretches widthwise and lengthwise, which makes the jeans very comfortable to wear. It's the kind of denim that would have worked well for jeggings or skinny jeans, but I found that it works very well for regular jeans too. On the downside they get loose after 2 days of wearing.

When I succeed in copying and making a pair of jeans, I do get this strange feeling of joy, like I was able to 'beat the system'. The original jeans I copied, believe it or not, cost me $160 and didn't even last 1 year. I made this pair for significantly less. I wonder if others get that feeling too...

Slimming cut with side seam extending slightly to the front / 
Coupe amincissante avec couture de côté légèrement décalée vers l'avant

Wait, there's more! I'm giving away this brand new, unopened Vogue Tracy Reese pattern, and I'm sending it to you anywhere you live in the world! The pattern is size 8-10-12-14-16 and is from the latest collection.

If you'd like to enter the giveaway, it couldn't be simpler: just leave a comment saying so and I'll include you.  You have 'til Wednesday March 27th at midnight (eastern time) to enter. I'll announce the winner on Thursday March 28th.

Comments are welcomed even if you don't want the pattern!


Alors le voilà finalement ce jean que j'ai cousu récemment, d'après un modèle Guess taille basse, jambe bootcut que j'avais défait et copié.

Si vous avez manqué le post précédent à ce sujet, avec les photos détaillées, il est ici.

La seule altération que j'ai apportée a été d'élargir le bas de la jambe; sur le jean original, l'ouverture est de 15 1/2'', alors que sur cette version elle est de 17''.

Le tissu est un denim italien stretch en largeur et en longueur, ce qui rend le jean très confortable à porter. C'est le genre de denim qui aurait très bien convenu pour un jegging ou un skinny, mais qui marche très bien pour un jean conventionnel aussi. L'envers de la médaille, c'est que je le sens moins ajusté après que je l'aie porté 2 jours.

Chaque fois que je réussis à copier et fabriquer un jean, j'ai cet étrange sentiment de joie, du genre 'j'ai réussi à battre le système'. Le jean original que j'ai copié m'avais coûté la coquette somme de $160 et n'avait même pas duré 1 an. Cette paire-ci m'a coûté pas mal moins cher. Je me demande si les autres ont aussi ce sentiment...

Mais il y a plus! Je fais tirer ce patron Vogue Tracy Reese tout neuf, et je vous l'envoie où que vous habitiez dans le monde!

Le patron est en taille 8-10-12-14-16 et provient de la plus récente collection de Vogue.

Si vous voulez participer au tirage, c'est tout simple: vous n'avez qu'à laisser un commentaire le mentionnant et vous serez inclus(e). Vous avez jusqu'à mercredi le 27 mars à minuit (heure de l'Est). J'annoncerai le/la gagnant(e) jeudi le 28.


  1. Your jeans are so FAB! I'd like to enter your giveaway. Please put me in.

  2. Your new jeans are just gorgeous. The colour is divine , bright and cheery without being too in your face.

  3. The jeans turned out great! I love to "beat the system" as well. I don't need to be included in your giveaway, I just wanted to say how much I love your jeans.

  4. Beautiful jeans, I've never tried (and honestly, probably never will), and it's nice not having to sew everything... You did a great job, and mine would probably not end up as good as yours.

    I'd like to be included in your give away, like the pattern but vouge patters are so expensive over here (sweden)

  5. Wow, you have done an amazing job on those jeans. They are gorgeous on you. I have made jeans, but only from a pattern. You are inspiring! I'd love to enter the giveaway - thanks :)

  6. I love your jeans! Great job on the fit and colour and yes it is awesome to save the $ on making sweatshop free, well-fitting awesomenss XD I too, felt the same way with the first pair of jeans I made (got two more cut out and awaiting winter to sew up XD). Please don't enter me in the giveaway, while the pattern is beautiful-we're almost in winter here so I wouldn't be sewing it up for ages!

  7. You look fantastic in your jeans. Beautiful job.

  8. I wish I could get jeans to fit like that! I'd love to receive your pattern. I have an idea for a variation using it as a start.

  9. Fantastic jeans, but I'm intigued by the label on the back. Did you attach an old one? I'd be a happy winner of your pattern too.

    1. Hi Gail, yes I did attach an old label. You can see pictures of this + other details in the previous post. I'll enter your name in the giveaway!

  10. You are clever! The jeans look very good, well done. And I definitely would like the pattern. Thank You for the giveaway. B.r.,

  11. Ah, je suis plus qu'admirative du travail que tu as fait! Vraiment, je te lève mon chapeau. D'abord pour la patience de recopier un jean, de faire ton propre patron. Ensuite pour l’exécution parfaite du modèle!
    C'est tellement dure de trouver «le jean», celui qui nous va, il y a tellement de coupes. Alors quand on a trouvé celle qui nous convient, il ne faut plus la lâcher! Vive les économies qui t'attendent!

  12. Gosh, what gorgeous jeans. Maybe I'll try to knock off a pair sometime. Anyhow, would love to see some close-ups of you wearing the jeans (pockets, rivets, etc.). I know you showed close-ups of the jeans off the lovely model (you) but I like see details as worn, etc.
    Some thoughts re the fit - would it have helped to trace your pattern from a *new* pair rather than a well-worn pair? I know it's recommended that people buy their jeans on the snug side, because as you say the fabric has a tendency to relax. Maybe make your next pair with negative ease - you know it's right when you care barely button the fly zipper! Just a thought. This whole fit business is one reason why I haven't ventured into sewing jeans. Even if I were to sew a pair that 'fits,' I'm afraid they would sag a day or two later (make that an hour or two later). I wouldn't want to spend all that effort to something that doesn't fit *exactly* the way I like. If I were crazy enough, I'd buy a new pair of jeans, trace a pattern off the bat within a day or two using plastic wrap, just to make sure I'm getting a fit that's fitting-room accurate.

  13. I love the color choice for the jeans! Very nice. And count me in for the pattern giveaway... I'd love to try that one!

  14. Franchement chapeau d'avoir réussi à reproduire ton jean ! Ton nouveau jean te va vraiment bien!
    Mon seul et unique jean arrive en fin de course, je devrais tenter de faire comme toi, d'autant que j'ai le cours crafsty de Kenneth King.

  15. Your jeans are awesome, the fit and colour look stunning on you. Please include me for the giveaway, thank you!

  16. What a wonderful rendition. You did an excellent job of copying your rtw jeans.

  17. You make fantastic pants/jeans, and that is a great process you followed to copy from a pair you already had. Include me in the giveaway. This is one of the only new Vogues I have on my list.


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