Roberto Cavalli skirt: the details

Roberto Cavalli skirt - Patrones Extra no 16

In my last post about my Roberto Cavalli skirt, I said I'd give a couple of details about the technique used for assembling.

Here you go with a close up of the skirt - I just love the design lines

Most of the edges are trimmed with pinking shears and then toptstitched with a thick thread and a long straight stitch when assembling. Those edges are sewn wrong side on right side. To see where I was going, I marked the 1 cm seam allowance on both sides of the top fabric and on the right side of the bottom fabric. It's important to mark the seams one way or another, 'cause if you don't I don't know how it's possible to align the pieces precisely when sewing.

This is how I trimmed the ruffle piece (this is the muslin): I topstitched using a 1 cm seam allowance, then trimmed the bottom, trying to stay even from the stitching.

I experimented with a triple stitch but didn't like it for assembling (although it looks nice on the ruffle). It's 'cause the back and forth movement of the triple stitch gives you less control when assembling 2 pieces together (and believe me you need all the control you can), and it's very hard to turn a sharp corner with a triple stitch (you never know exactly when a new stitch is forming).

In the end I went for a long straight stitch with thick topstitching thread (the kind for jeans is good).

Right side view

On this close up you can see the narrow side piece

The front

Left ruffle (front)

The back, with the godet

Detail of the front

And now, the garrish details! Not that I like to see myself exposed like that on the internet, but we sewers like the details, and of course you want to see how the back looks like.

Well, it looks like this!

That skirt is unlined and it is so fitted that you must wear a Spanx type underwear.

That's it friends!


  1. Aaah, I remember that pattern from an older Patrones. You realized it beautifully - the skirt is really something special!


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