A shirt for the weekend! (Liesl + Co Classic Shirt) Une chemise pour le weekend!

Liesl + Co Classic Shirt in blue/white cotton lawn print

Hi everybody,

Back in November when I made my second Classic Shirt by Liesl + Co I got the styling all wrong and wasn't pleased enough with the pictures to publish them here. Although I really loved the fabric I was under the impression that, sadly, I would never wear this shirt. Recently I pulled it out from my closet and decided to look at it with fresh eyes. I didn't want to wear like the first time, tucked in dark navy jeans, with the sleeves unrolled and the cuffs buttoned. Clearly, that shirt in this type of fabric needs to be styled and worn casually, and now that I've discovered its true nature I just love the 'borrowed from my boyfriend' feel of it! :-)

Maybe you have seen it before on the Fabric Mart Fabricistas blog (where I'm a guest blogger once a month), but I thought that the pictures didn't do justice to the shirt so that's why I decided to blog about it here, this time with new pictures.

The pattern:

I have a lot of good things to say about the Liesl + Co Classic Shirt - although I am definitely not a fan of the given 1/2'' seam allowances everywhere (so unpractical on a metric grided sewing machine, and too wide for the collar/collar stand).

The relaxed cut is a welcomed change for me 'cause in the past I tended to wear fitted shirts all the time; it's nice to have a casual shirt like that in your wardrobe for the weekend! The pattern is very well drafted and it even has separate facing pieces for the collar and the cuffs, something I appreciate. The sleeve tower plackets are easy to assemble and give good results great once completed. I also love the small collar, the pleats in the back and the shirt tail hem. For this version I omitted the pockets 'cause I wanted a plain front that would have a pajama feel to it. Sort of.

Liesl + Co Classic Shirt back view

 The fabric:

That version was quite fast and easy to make, thanks to the fabric that sewed so well - a cotton lawn with a silky hand by designer Tori Richard. I believe it is made in Japan, and I always have a strong positive bias towards Japan made fabrics. In my mind japanese =  high quality. I usually need three solid sewing sessions to complete a shirt, but for this one I only needed two days, which is a personal record for me! Of course it has less seams and darts than, say, Burda 6849, and also no pockets.

Sizing and modifs:

I made a size 2 (A/B cups) and made small modifications:

1- took off 1 cm at the shoulder line to have the sleeve head set higher
2- shortened the sleeve by 1''
3- shortened the hem by 1 cm

I love the cute small collar on the Liesl + Co Classic Shirt

Sleeve tower placket and cuff detail

I love the silky hand of that cotton lawn print - just perfect for this shirt!

In short, I really enjoy making shirts! I could just spend a few bucks and buy some in RTW, but they never fit me well.  A shirt has a lot of steps to complete and is time consuming, but it's so gratifying and so much more fun to wear a custom made shirt!

In 2019 I hope to expand my shirt patterns library and I have plenty of ideas. Please share if you also love making shirts and have experimented some patterns that got you great results!

Bye for now,



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