StyleArc Dotty Blouse in silk double georgette / Dotty Blouse de StyleArc en soie georgette

StyleArc Dotty Blouse in silk double georgette / Dotty Blouse de StyleArc en soie georgette double

Hi everybody! I'm back with my first make in 2019: a silk georgette blouse! I just love to make my own silk tops and not have to pay big bucks for something similar in RTW, so I didn't hesitate a second when I saw this silk georgette at Fabric Mart not long ago - I knew it would be great paired with a pattern I love, the Dotty Blouse by StyleArc. Coincidentally, it appears that my first make in 2018 was also the Dotty Blouse - funny, no?

What triggered this project is simply that beautiful silk double georgette in a gorgeous jewel tone. I knew it wanted to be a blouse and I had very limited time ahead of me, so I went for a pattern I've made a couple of times. I don't know if you're like me, but I do have a couple of TNT patterns I have perfected over the years; isn't it great when you know you can just pull a pattern from your stash and whip up a project in a day or two? Well this was this kind of project - I started a Saturday at 5 pm and finished on Sunday morning!

Close up of the criss cross front drape

I modified the sleeves and added sleeve tabs

The fabric:

Silk has always been one of my favorite fabrics and Fabric Mart always has a great selection of silks, often from designer closeouts. This one is from designer Halston and is a double georgette (with lycra), which means it has more substance and is less sheer than regular georgette.

I selected this silk from the monthly fabric allowance I receive from Fabric Mart as a Fabricista; I knew that with its beautiful crepey texture and tremendous drape it would be perfect for a criss cross blouse like the Dotty.

This silk has great drape!

Details of the back of the Dotty Blouse: soft gathers falling from the yoke and tiny rounded hem

Probably due to artificial light, the colour appears more blue in the pictures than it is in real life. This  silk is a beautiful emerald green - I thought a jewel tone would be great to illuminate the complexion when the skin is light deprived during the short days of January!

A quick word about the pattern: 

If you are interested, the pattern I used is the Dotty Blouse by StyleArc. I made a size 6 and added 1/8'' to the side seams (the back is very straight) and modified the sleeves. I eliminated the cuffs and added a sleeve tab borrowed from another blouse. I like to wear my sleeves rolled, so I finished them with french seams since the seams show when worn this way.

This is the hem in the back of the blouse

The thread I used to make this tiny hem is Gutermann Mara 150. A light thread like this one (Tex 20 , compared to Tex 30 for regular all purpose thread), combined with a fine sharp needle like a Microtex Schmetz needle size 70, allows you to make a no sweat narrow hem in a lightweight fabric like silk georgette. Why not make justice to such a beautiful fabric with the right tools?

My tools: a Schmetz Microtez needle size 70, Gutermann Mara thread 150, and Kai serrated scissors 7240S for cutting 'difficult' fabrics like chiffon, georgette, etc.

I also serged the side seams using this thread - I converted my Huskylock 905 to a 2 thread stitch and finished the seams after having sewn them on the regular sewing machine. This way the seam stays weightless and the thread doesn't make an imprint when you press; a great way to get a beautiful, clean finish.

French seams for the sleeves: look at how the stitches disappear in the fabric!

I will leave it there for now. See you for next post and in the meantime I wish you some quality time with your sewing machine!



  1. Beautiful top! Beautiful color! And beautifully made!

  2. What a beautiful job you did on that lovely blouse. Switching to two threads on the serger is such a good idea. How did you do that curved hem so perfectly?

    1. Thank you! For the curved hem, I simply stitch 1/8'' from the edge, turn 2 times and topstitch at 1/8''. It's the light thread and the sharp needle that make it easy and precise!


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