You know it's time to change your ironing board cover when...

Ugly stain from my ironing board on my new white shirt!

Hi everybody, sometimes bad things happen in the sewing room and you know it's time for a change.

My old ironing board cover was due to be changed for a long time - it was stained and burned to the point I could not even think of garment shots on it for the blog, and it was so thin that the metal frame underneath was leaving imprints on anything I was pressing...

And then THIS happened (picture above) - I was pressing a white shirt in the making and a stain on the ironing board cover transfered itself on my shirt! Help, nooo!

That was it for me, and I went shopping for a new ironing board cover - not so easy to find in stores since my ironing board is wider (47 cms) than the standard ones.

Prior to that, it was my Reliable steam iron i300 that started leaking - I realized it was the small plastic joint above the L part where the hose connects to the iron that was desintegrating itself... I've had this steam iron for probably 7 years now, so I guess that's normal wear.

So I had my beloved i300 serviced - anti-calc treatment, change of thermostat that was broken (I didn't know, it was always just so hot) and change of that plastic thingy little part: total $115. As I mentioned I've had this iron for about 7 years, and those are the first repairs I have to do apart from the big plastic cap on the boiler that disintegrated itself 2 years ago.

That big plastic cap had to be replaced 2 years ago ($30)

If you want to know how much I use my i300, well I use it pretty much everyday, sometimes for whole days at a time, so it's a very 'reliable' tool (ha ha, pun intended!).

And apart from my ironing board and my steam iron, this year the main gear broke on my Juki F-600 sewing machine (that's after 10 years of heavy use) and it had to be replaced (still on guarantee but I had to pay $100 for shipping).

So, so far this year I've spent a total of $265 in maintenance for my sewing tools. Next is the serger, which needs a new light bulb, the knives to be sharpened and the needles screws to be replaced. Probably around $100 for the whole job. That's a big year in terms of maintenance expenses, but I like my sewing tools to be in good working order. How much on average do you spend on maintenance?

This is happiness - a brand new ironing board cover!

Now I have a new, clean, well padded ironing board cover and a steam iron in good working order! Time for fun!

And if you want to know what happened to the white shirt above, well the stain disappeared after soaking and hand washing, and I'll show you that shirt soon...



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